Lost Belle

I'm just a little lost



the only nude i wanna see from u is ur nude teeth shining through your lips as you smile a great, big smile from a beautiful day filled with happiness <3

yea well i wanna see a tity 

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life must be so boring to ppl who arent 1D AF

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I put a crop top on because I decided not to care what people think anymore


>teenage actress’s private nudes get leaked

>teenage actress is reviled as a slut and a whore and a bad role model

>james franco asks a seventeen-year-old girl if he can meet her in a private hotel room

>james franco gets to go on saturday night live and joke about what a silly doofus he is for soliciting sex from a girl literally half his age

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aesthetic: zayn failing to find his pocket


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What kind of noise is that supposed to be, Luna?

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I hope I die from asphyxiation

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